Program Sites

QCACFP partners with local agencies to provide snacks and meals at the following after-school program locations:

Bethany Home
Bicentennial Elementary
Bowlesburg Elementary
Boys & Girls Club, Moline
Boys & Girls Teen Center, Moline
Broadway Church
Butterworth Elementary
Center for Math and Science
Christian Friendliness, Moline
Christian Friendliness, Rock Island
Colona Grade Elementary
Denkman Elementary
Earl Hanson Elementary, Rock Island
Eugene Field Elementary
Frances Willard Elementary
Franklin Elementary
George O Barr Elementary
George Washington Elementary
Hamilton Elementary
Hampton Elementary
Hillcrest Elementary
Jane Adams Elementary
Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center
Lincoln Irving Elementary
Logan Elementary
Longfellow Elementary
Mercer County Intermediate
New Boston Elementary
The Place 2B 
Ridgewood Elementary
Ridgewood Elementary, Rock Island
Rock Island Academy, East Moline
Roosevelt Elementary
Salvation Army
Second Baptist Church
Thomas Jefferson, Milan
Wells Elementary
Willard Elementary

QCACFP partners with the following local Day Care providers:

Church of Peace
Casa de los Niños